Share Certificate Special – 5.10% APY*

For a limited time, earn a special, fixed rate of 5.10% APY on a 7-month share certificate. That’s earnings you can count on for reaching any savings goal.

  • Special, fixed rate of 5.10% APY*
  • 7-month term
  • Meet savings goals with certainty
  • $5,000 minimum deposit to open
  • $750,000 maximum deposit
  • 25% of the opening deposit must be new money

Take advantage of our share certificate special today!

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are effective as of May 24th, 2023. The minimum opening deposit required for this account is $5,000, and the maximum deposit amount allowed is $750,000 per account and household. The opening deposit must include at least 25% of the deposit to be new funds, not from an existing Heritage Community Credit Union account.The dividend rate and annual percentage yield are fixed and will be in effect for the 7-month term of the account. Penalties for early withdrawal and fees may reduce earnings. Limited time only.

Federally insured by NCUA

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No payment for 90 Days and up to $250 cash back

Would you like to take a break from your loan payment? Choose the optional no payments for 90 days.1  Receive 1% cash back (up to $250) when you refinance your auto loan from another lender. ³

  • No payments for up to 90 days1
  • 1% cash back, up to $250³
  • Finance up to 125% of vehicle value²
  • Loan amounts from $5,000 to $75,000

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Offer expires 06/31/2023 and is subject to change without notice. Subject to credit approval and actual rate will vary based on the borrower’s creditworthiness, loan term selected, loan amount and vehicle model, year, and value. Offer not available for existing HCCU auto loans or loans financed through CUDL. Offer may not be combined with any other discounts or offers. 1Finance charges begin to accrue upon loan disbursal and will continue to accrue during the “no payment” deferral period. No payment deferral period will increase the total finance charges borrower will pay over the life of the loan. ²Financing available for up to 125% Kelley Blue Book value. 31.00% cash rebate is calculated based on the amount financed, with a maximum payout of $250.00. Recipient is responsible for any applicable taxes related to the cash back payment. Cash rebate is automatically deposited to your Share Savings account when your loan is funded.

Save $1,000 off Closing Costs

Looking to buy a new home? Whether you are a first-time home buyer or ready to buy your next home, HCCU has the right mortgage for you! For a limited only you could also receive $1,000 off closing costs with your HCCU mortgage loan!  

  • Competitive Fixed-Rate and Adjustable-Rate
  • $1000 off closing costs1
  • Flexible terms to fit your needs.
  • Support from start to finish.

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HCCU has an expert team of loan advisors with valuable knowledge of the local real estate market. Call or send us an email and our Loan Officer, Brian Allen, will reach out to help.
Email: [email protected] | Phone: 916-212-9375 | NMLS ID 507225

Offer is subject to change without further notice. Subject to credit approval and property valuation. APR, terms & conditions subject to change. Property insurance required; flood insurance may be required. Limited to owner-occupied one-to-four family unit properties located in California. Excludes manufactured homes, mobile homes, and commercial properties. Other restrictions on property may apply. When your mortgage loan closes, you will receive $1000 off closing costs.

Kasasa Tunes

Earn up to $50 in refunds when you open your Kasasa Tunes account.  Plus, earn monthly refunds for online purchases!2

  • Earn up to $10 in refunds every month when you purchase from:
    • iTunes®
    • Amazon®
    • Google Play™ 
  • Get Up to $25 in refunds of ATM withdrawal fees each month.
  • No minimum balance to earn rewards
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • $25 minimum deposit to open

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You need to meet some simple qualifying criteria to get all these rewards, but your Kasasa Tunes account is always free. And if you don't meet the qualifications in some months, you can try again the next one! Learn more.

1 Rewards are variable and may change after account is opened. As a sign Up Bonus, when you open and fund your new Kasasa Tunes account, you will be refunded up to an aggregate total of $50 (which includes any applicable taxes) for iTunes, or Google Play purchases made with your Kasasa Tunes debit card that post and settle to your account during the first 60 calendar days after your account is opened. This refund will be credited to your account on the first day of the following statement cycle in which your aggregate iTunes, or Google Play purchase threshold of $50 posts and settles to your account. Any portion of the Sign Up Bonus that is not used within the stated time period will be forfeited. Sign Up Bonus will be treated as dividends for IRS (Form 1099 INT) reporting purposes. No minimum balance is required to obtain this bonus, but a $25 minimum deposit is required to open the account. In addition, when Kasasa Tunes qualifications are met during a Monthly Qualification Cycle: (1) you will earn up to an aggregate total of $10 (which includes any applicable taxes) in refunds for any iTunes, or Google Play purchases. In order to be refunded, iTunes, or Google Play purchases must be made with your Kasasa Tunes debit card and must post and settle to your account no more than 32 days after the Monthly Qualification Cycle in which you qualified ends. And, (2), you will also receive reimbursements up to an aggregate total of $25.00 for nationwide ATM withdrawal fees imposed by other financial institutions and incurred during the Monthly Qualification Cycle in which you qualified. When Kasasa Tunes qualifications are not met, no iTunes, or Google Play refunds are made and ATM withdrawal fees are not reimbursed. To receive Kasasa Tunes and ATM withdrawal fee reimbursement rewards, you must access your Kasasa Tunes account through ehccu-online banking, Mobile eBanking or text banking at least once during the Monthly Qualification Cycle and conduct at least 12 posted PIN-based or signature-based debit card merchant transactions during the Monthly Qualification Cycle. Transactions may take one or more banking days from the date the transaction was made to post to your account. Transactions that have been initiated but not posted as of the end of the cycle will not count as a qualifying transaction for that cycle, but will count in the following cycle when they post to your account. “Monthly Qualification Cycle” means the current Statement Cycle. “Statement Cycle” means the period of time covered by the statement for your account. The statement cycle begins on the first day of the calendar month and ends on the last day of the calendar month. Failure to maintain monthly enrollment in eStatements will require the closure of your Kasasa Tunes account. Limit 1 Kasasa Checking account per social security number.