Board of Directors

All Directors are volunteers and must be members of the credit union. The Board of Directors has the duty and responsibility to ensure that HCCU is meeting the needs of our membership, sets the direction and policies that govern credit union operations in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and ensures that the credit union's operations are sound and practical.

  • Bobbi K. Beehler, Chairperson
  • Harry E. "Ed" Hannan, Jr., Vice-Chairperson
  • Allan F. Wisnicky, Treasurer
  • William J. Windle, Secretary
  • Jofil Borja, Director
  • Huong V. Vu, Director
  • Kevin Quaintance, Director
  • Tammy Davis, Associate Board Member

Supervisory Committee

All Supervisory Committee members are volunteers and must be members of the credit union. The Supervisory Committee has the duty and responsibility to ensure that HCCU's records are properly and accurately maintained, arranges an annual audit of the credit union's financials, and provides oversight essential to our internal system of checks and balances.

  • Sharon Hannan, Chairperson
  • Robert L. Collins, Secretary
  • Judy Hoover, Member
  • Peter Thomsen, Associate Member

Executive Management

  • Ed Turk, President/CEO
  • Matt Harms, CFO
  • Chad Suggs, VP Information Technology 
  • Christine Haroldson, Chief Lending Officer
  • Craig Engstrom, VP Member Services

Support your Credit Union and volunteer with HCCU

As Heritage continues to grow, we are looking for more members to steer our operation and keep us accountable. We are seeking individuals to serve the community as either an Associate Board Member or Supervisory Committee Member.


Associate Board Member:

Our associate board members serve the board with their own perspectives while learning the duties of our board members. These volunteers are a key component of the Board’s Succession Plan.

  • Maintain general direction and control.
  • Approve an Annual Operating Budget.
  • Set Policy.
  • Participate with Management in Strategic Planning
  • The associate board member will attend all meetings of the board and participate in all discussions but may not vote.
  • The associate board member will be expected to take training courses as directed by the Board Chairperson and administered by the President/CEO.
  • The associate board member will serve a one-year term.

Supervisory Committee Member:

The Supervisory Committee’s purpose is to oversee the audit function for the Credit Union, and ensure adequate controls are in place to mitigate risk.

  • The supervisory committee member will engage an independent auditor to conduct an annual financial audit of the books and records and an examination of the business and affairs of the credit union.
  • The supervisory committee member will supervise the acts of the Board of Directors and officers subject to the provisions of the bylaws and California Credit Union Law.
  • The supervisory committee member will serve a three-year term.

If you’re looking for a great way to serve the membership with your unique talents and leadership skills, we want to hear from you. If you have more questions or want to see if this opportunity is right for you please contact us at:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (916) 364-1700