Type of Fee Amount
Membership Fee (one time) $1.00
Single Service Savings Low Balance Fee (monthly) $5.00
Share Savings Excessive Withdrawal (after 6 per month) $3.00
Youth Savings Excessive Withdrawal (after 6 per month) $3.00
IRA Savings Excessive Withdrawal (after 3 per month) $3.00
Diamond Money Market
If daily balance falls below $1,000.00 $8.00
Excessive Withdrawal (after 3 per month) $3.00
Transfer or Rollover $25.00
Kasasa Cash® FREE
Kasasa Cash Back® FREE
Kasasa Tunes® FREE
Worry-Free $4.95
Simply (monthly service charge waived with eStatements) $2.00
Business $12.00
Teen (monthly service charge waived with eStatements) $2.00
ATM/VISA Check Card
Replacement Card (stolen - no charge) $5.00
Non HCCU/CO-OP ATM Network Fee (per transaction/inquiry) $2.00
ATM Deposit Correction $5.00
Express Replacement Cards $30.00
Online Services
Online FREE
Bill Payment FREE
Mobile1 FREE
Expedited Bill Payment $5.00
Overnight Check Payment $25.00
Stop Payment on ehccupay-bill payment Item $27.00
Account Management Fees
Overdraft Fee per presentment - item paid / Fee-based on the amount of Overdraft Privilege (ODP) needed to cover the transaction / Daily fee Cap $145  
ODP of $5 or more to cover the transaction $29.00
ODP of $4.99 or less to cover the transaction $15.00
Overdraft Transfer (per transfer) $6.00
Non-Sufficient Funds/NSF per presentment - item not paid $32.00
Loan Payment by Phone or Online  $4.95
Stop Payment (electronic or draft, per item, unless consecutive) $22.00
Declaration of Loss (corporate checks require 10-day waiting period) $22.00
History of Account (per request, last 5 transactions - no charge) $3.00
Statement Copy (per statement) $3.00
Check Copy (per copy - plus $3.00 if faxed, first 2 per month - no charge) $2.00
Returned Deposited Item* $12.00
(*if the item is drawn on member's account at another financial institution) $25.00
Alternative Instruments
Wires - Incoming $8.00
Wires - Outgoing $20.00
Wires - Foreign $30.00
Cashier Check (no charge if payable to member) $5.00
Foreign Checks Processing Fee/Collection Item (it takes 6 - 10 weeks to receive a credit)


Temporary Checks - up to 6 checks free with Deluxe order. Without Deluxe order, 3 checks


Notary - Credit Union documents FREE
Notary - Non-Credit Union documents (per document) $10.00
Signature Guarantee - Medallion (members only) $5.00
Supplementary Services
Verification of Deposit $10.00
Account Research (per hour - 1 hour minimum) $20.00
Locator Fee (returned mail, invalid address) $5.00
Tax Lien, Levy/Garnishment, Legal Process $25.00
Escheatment Notice $2.00
Check Cashing
Check Cashing Fee (Waived if combined deposit balances over $750 or under 18 yrs. old. Fee applies each time you present a check and receive any amount back in cash. Checks will be deposited, then cash withdrawn, from your account.) $8.00

This fee schedule discloses fees applicable to share deposit accounts, loans and services offered by Heritage Community Credit Union, and is supplied as a supplement to your Truth-in-Savings Disclosure. All account maintenance fees are assessed monthly, unless otherwise indicated. Please contact us at 916.364.1700 or 800.233.6328 to obtain the most current fee information. Members' accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Administration to at least $250,000.

1Wireless carrier data rates may apply.