Type of Fee Amount
Account Management
Membership (one time) $5.00
Closed Membership (within 6 months) $25.00
- Waived if closed due to fraud
Re-Opened Membership (within 6 months)  $25.00
- Waived if reopened due to fraud  
Dormant Membership (monthly fee) $5.00
- Inactive for more than 12 months
Overdraft Privilege (per presentment – item paid) based on the amount of Overdraft Privilege needed to cover transaction. Daily fee cap is $145
- Transactions of $5 or more  $29.00
- Transactions of $4.99 or less  $15.00
Non-Sufficient Funds/NSF (per item) $32.00
Overdraft Transfer from Deposit Accounts  $6.00
Overdraft Transfer from Line of Credit  $10.00
Returned Deposited Item* / Returned Loan Payment $12.00
- *If drawn from members account at another financial institution  
Returned Loan Payment (Indirect) $15.00
Stop Payment (per item) $29.00
Paper Statement if generated & mailed  $3.00
- Waived with eStatements
Loan Payment Online or by Phone  $4.95
Savings and IRA
Diamond Select Money Market  $8.00
- If daily minimum balance falls below $1,000
Excessive Savings Withdrawal  $3.00
- Savings/IRA after 6 per month
- Diamond Select MM after 3 per month
Single Service Savings  $5.00
- If minimum balance is below $100
IRA Transfer or Rollover (outgoing) $25.00
Kasasa Cash FREE
Kasasa Cash Back FREE
Kasasa Tunes FREE
Worry-Free $4.95
Simply - Waived with eStatements $2.00
Teen - Waived with eStatements $2.00
Business Checking $12.00
ATM & VISA Debit Card
ATM Deposit Correction $5.00
Invalid ATM Deposit  $50.00
Non HCCU/CO-OP ATM Network Fee $2.50
Replacement Card $10.00
Express Replacement Card $45.00
Online Services
Online Banking FREE
Mobile Banking FREE
Mobile Deposit FREE
Zelle FREE
Bill Pay FREE
Bill Pay Expedited Payment $10.00
Bill Payment Overnight Check Payment $30.00
Bill Payment Stop Payment $30.00
Wire Services
Wire Transfer - Incoming $10.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing $25.00
Wire Transfer International - Incoming $15.00
Wire Transfer International - Outgoing $40.00
Wire Tracing $25.00
Miscellaneous Services
Check Cashing Fee $8.00
- Waived if combined deposit balances over $1000 or under 18 years old.
Temporary Checks (per sheet of 3)  $5.00
- Waived on new checking accounts with new check order (Limit 3 Sheets).
International Check Deposit $75.00
- 6-10 weeks to receive credit
Corporate Check  $8.00
- Waived if payable to member or title company
Declaration of Loss of Corporate Check  $29.00
-10-day waiting period
Signature Guarantee - per signature $15.00
- Waived for HCCU documents
Notary - per signature $15.00
- Waived for HCCU documents
Home Loan Demand Payoff  $20.00
- Waived if it’s a HCCU Refinance
Tax Lien, Levy, or Garnishment $100.00
Account Research (per hour, minimum 1 hour) $30.00
Escheatment Notice $2.00
Verification of Deposit  $15.00
Address Locator / Bad Address $5.00
Mailed Receipt  $3.00
Account History Printout  $5.00
Paper Statement Copy  $3.00
Check Copy  $3.00
Photocopy Fee (per page)  $3.00
Fax Service (per page)  $3.00
Rolled Coin (first 5 free) $0.15

Revised 08-10-23. All account maintenance fees are assessed monthly, unless otherwise indicated. All other fees are assessed at the time of service/request. This Fee Schedule discloses fees applicable to share deposit accounts, services offered by Heritage Community Credit Union, and is supplied as a supplement to your Truth-in-Savings Disclosure.