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Visa Check Card

Visa® Check Card

Our convenient Heritage Visa® Check Card lets our members make purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted.

  • No card origination fee
  • No monthly or annual fee
  • Purchases are automatically deducted from your HCCU checking account
  • Use the Visa® Check Card at merchants worldwide - anywhere Visa® is accepted!
  • Accepted at ATMs displaying the STAR®, PLUS®, and CO-OP Network® symbols
  • Free ATM access at over 28,000 CO-OP Network® locations - Find a CO-OP Network® ATM
  • The CO-OP Network® and 7-Eleven have partnered to provide surcharge-free ATM access to Network members in approximately 5,300 7-Eleven stores in 30 states - Visit 7-Eleven online to find a store with an ATM near you
  • Point-of-sale (POS) access using the Interlink POS network


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Introducing EMV® Technology: The New Standard in Card Security

Credit, debit and ATM cards with embedded EMV® chips have been protecting consumers around the world from fraudsters for a number of years. Now they're becoming the new standard for security here at home, as well. When you receive an EMV-enabled card, here's what you need to know:

  • EMV transactions provide another layer of fraud protection, on top of all the security measures already in force.
  • Your new cards will include both the EMV chip and the conventional magnetic stripe, enabling your cards to work at all merchants that accept cards.
  • It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to use your card at an EMV-equipped merchant, simply:
    1. Insert the chip end of your card in the EMV terminal.
    2. Keep the card in the terminal, follow the prompts and enter your PIN or select CREDIT.
    3. Remove your card, take your receipt - and possibly sign a copy if you selected CREDIT.
  • If you travel abroad, carrying your new card will let you make transactions easily at thousands of merchants where EMV is required.

Want more details on EMV? To read our FAQs, click here.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is here! HCCU members with an iPhone 6 device or later now have the ability to make purchases at thousands of merchant locations nationwide—and the list is growing every day.

Making a purchase in a participating store is as easy as holding your phone near the merchant’s contactless reader, with your finger on the phone’s Touch ID sensor. Not only does your name and card number remain anonymous to cashiers and bystanders, but your phone itself carries only a unique, encrypted Device Account Number rather than your actual debit card number.

Want to get started with Apple Pay? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Open your Passbook app, swipe down and tap the plus sign.
  2. Enter your card by snapping a photo with your device’s camera or add the data manually.
  3. Start shopping with greater ease and confidence.

Apple Pay Frequently Asked Questions.

Security For Our Cardholders

Through evaluations of the typical transaction patterns for your card, fraud specialists are able to determine when any potential fraudulent activity occurs on your account. Should a transaction occur outside of your established normal pattern, a fraud specialist will attempt to reach you via the contact information on file for your account. Once you have been contacted you will be asked to verify specific information to validate the transaction that has occurred. If contact is unable to be made with you in a reasonable amount of time, the card may be blocked to prevent further fraudulent transactions.

You may also receive a notification call from our automated assistant, whom we have nicknamed Jill, please work with her to answer questions regarding recent card activity. If suspicious transactions are identified as fraudulent, calls will be transferred to our outstanding member support team at Card Member Security to help you take the necessary precautions to protect your cards and related accounts. If the recent activity is legitimate, members will be able to close the case with the phone attendant using their touch-tone phone.

In order to ensure the success of this safeguard and to provide you with the best possible service, it is imperative that your contact information is current. If you are unsure whether your account information is up-to-date please contact our Call Center at 916.364.1700 or 800.233.6328.

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